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Excel with the Gurukul method of learning enhanced by modern technology with special emphasis on memorization through pervasive mobile based personalized learning experience.

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Academically created and professionally recorded video lessons.


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Your learning will follow you everywhere with mLearningBuddy companion app.

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Connect with fellow learners on special interest groups and experience exploratory learning.

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Get your doubts cleared from accomplished subject experts from several countries.

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Start the day with powerful Vedic mantras to supercharge your learning.

Crack IIT JEE With Confidence

Here’s a glimpse of the resources to ensure you are well-equipped to crack IIT JEE

IIT JEE Foundation

Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
Subjects Maths, Science Maths, Science Maths, Science
Live sessions 104 104 104
Chapter notes 34 31 31
Assignments 112 112 112
Assessments 65 65 75
Practice questions 1000 1000 1200



Grade 11 Grade 12
Subjects Maths, Science Maths, Science
Live sessions 160 165
Chapter notes 35 50
Assignments 125 150
Assessments 80 100
Practice questions 1200 1500